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Shein Partnership Literary Production & Franchise Agency represents Arkwatch Holdings LLC and their literary catalog which includes: 
The Thunder Literary Series
Rocket Hound
Seed Krackers
Primordial Code
Call of the Phoenix,
Anaconda Nights,
and Seduced just to name a few.
Shein Partnership Literary Production & Franchise Agency represents World Castle Publishing, LLC and a few of their titles which includes the titles from the Arkwatch Holdings site and more:
The Legend of Secret Pass the novel
The Mendel Series
The Elemental Trilogy
The Spirited Series
Romance titles from bestselling Author Kathi S. Barton
Romance titles from Elissa Daye
Horror, Thriller & Suspense titles
Our client, Arkwatch Holdings, LLC produced The Legend of Secret Pass, a theatrical movie being distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment on January 15, 2019 on iTunes, XBox, Amazon Prime Movies, and Netflix.
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